They interviewed 100,000 men and asked them what traits made up a perfect woman.

June 2, 2015
Shara Nixon

Online dating, expectations and what makes a perfect woman.

The answers:

  • Blonde Hair
  • Blue Eyes
  • Slender Body
  • Non-Smoker
  • Social Drinker
  • Graduate Degree

Now to be fair to these 100,000 men, we don’t know how the questions were framed which could influence the way they answered the questions or the ages of these “men” but assuming the question was as stated “What traits make up the perfect women?” If these were truly their answers, then men need some help here.

Blonde hair and blue eyes

You have just narrowed your choices to four Scandinavian countries know for Blodsoppa (Blood soup). Of all the woman in the world, Brazilian with their deep brown eyes and wild hair, Orientals with their soothing touch and beautiful skin, welsh voices with that amazing contrast between alabaster skin and rich black hair. French, Spanish, Italian, Croatian, Russian, Australian, you can only value one flavor?

As a blonde (bottle), blue eyed woman, I must say, “You sir, are boring and lack imagination.” Yawn!!!

Slender Body.
Ok I get this. Men are visual. It is the way you are made. You have to like what you see. Can I suggest that maybe you have bought into the media’s idea of what you SHOULD like rather than developing your own authentic idea of what you like. On a side note, if you want a slender bodied woman who takes care of herself, maybe you might want to learn where the gym is and stop using your nose hair as a comb over. Just sayin’.

Ok. It stinks.  I get that.

Social Drinker
As opposed to what – flaming alcoholic?

Graduate Degree.
Oh finally we can get away from how she looks and talk about who she is. A degree doesn’t really tell you anything about the woman but it implies that she is smart. I would agree that being intelligent is important if you are intelligent. Things could get difficult otherwise however if you are a door knob, perhaps looking for a door might be a better choice for you.

Let me help you. Here are the traits you SHOULD be looking for in a woman.

1. Someone you can suffer with.
A woman who will cheer you on, encourage you, love you and support you when you are at your very lowest point. I would take a bald woman with this kind of strength over a blonde, any day. Woman who have been through tough times in life and have a steel backbone and the wisdom that being kicked in the teeth brings. Loyalty is the first trait I would choose.

2. Honest.
Someone who will tell you truth but do it very gently so as not to bruise your spirit.

3. Humour.
Find someone who can laugh at life and you will be a happy man for the rest of your life. In fact, you might want to try becoming someone who laughs at life. Grumpy old men are not that attractive. If you can’t wait in a long line at Starbucks without bellyaching, you might want to consider where you would rate on the attractiveness scale.

4. Self-assured.
A woman who knows who she is. This same woman will call you on your stuff. She knows what she wants and she will tell you, directly, honestly, to your face. No games, no manipulation. These women tend to frighten men but if you can handle it, you will always know where you stand. Imagine, a life without having to guess. Bliss.

5. Kindness.
This has to be a core value, not just something that pops up now and then with people she likes. Kindness to strangers, yes. Kindness to animals, of course. Kindness to children and seniors, bonus points. Kindness to people she doesn’t like, JACKPOT!! It means she has the character to recognize the humanness in everyone even those who are flawed….like you.

6. Engaged.
A woman who is involved in the world around her. Beware of a woman who will make you her whole life. It strokes the ego at first but carrying anything over time becomes a strain. She will become very heavy in the end.

7. Intelligent.
Find a woman who knows something about world issues, something about beauty tips, gardening, a foreign language and how to play the banjo. Beware of women who are obsessed with only one thing. Even if that thing is a worthy thing, look for variety of interests and ideas. This is a much better indication of intelligence than a degree will ever be.

8. Balanced.
A woman who has found the balance between work and play. Meeting your needs and making time to meet her own. She will pursue her life with an awareness of the balance between physical, mental, spiritual and emotional needs. She will address each of these needs as part of her daily experience. A little silly, a little crazy but solid and wise. Search for wisdom above all else.

9. Someone you can trust with your wounds.
Ask yourself this – could I tell this person my biggest fear and trust them to respond with grace.

10. Looks that match your level of fitness.
If you take care of your body, if it is important to you, than look for someone who does the same. It’s ok to need to like the way someone looks in order to be interested in them but broaden your possibilities. Finding someone with all the right character traits and her looks may grow on you.

The person you fall in love with is often the last person you would have expected. Be open to the possibilities. Stop finding reasons why it won’t work and relax in the joy that sharing with another human being can be. Maybe it will end or maybe never even start but in this moment, you have a chance to learn something about someone else’s heart. Honor that moment and stop worrying about what your kids might look like or of he makes enough money.

That’s it. There is your list. Good luck.

ps: these are the traits that woman look for too…

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Jan 29, 2015