It’s Christmas – Is someone watching you….

January 4, 2018

One of my most distinct memories of Christmas was a year that I spent it alone. I was on the road in Saskatchewan and was unable to come home for Christmas. I didn’t want to be a burden to anyone so I didn’t tell anybody. I just planned to spend the day sleeping. I just wanted to wake up and have it all be over.

I spent the night before Christmas Eve sleeping in my car. I didn’t want to get a ticket so I used to park in a different residential street every night and be up and gone as soon as daylight broke. I wasn’t technically homeless but I was making what money I had last.

So the night before Christmas Eve, I am all hunkered down under my warm duvet, reading by flash lite and I see, across the road from me, a family Christmas. The house is all lit up, the fire blazing. Family and smiles and gifts. I could see it all from the road. I never felt more alone in my life. It is so easy to become so isolated from the rest of the world.

I was on the outside looking in, like so many other people. Single friends, newly divorced or those who have family that live far away. Seniors who are alone or students far from home. And of course Facebook makes it even more excruciating.

I never forgot that feeling. Every Christmas I have made breakfast for anyone who wants to join me and today is no different. Don’t spend it alone. Text me 604 807 7210 and come inside where it is warm.

Side note, that night I called my aunt and uncle in Loydminster. My aunt right away knew that something was wrong and insisted that I “come home” meaning to her house.

I arrived Christmas Eve and sat in my car for a minute and watched the lights and love and scene going on inside. Knowing that in a minute the door would open and someone would say “You made it, you are here. Come everyone, she is here.” And of course that is exactly what happened.

That evening I was swallowed up by the large and loving family that is the Juden’s. I sat squished on their couch with all the other kids, drinking spiced wine and eating sweets.

An added twist to the story. I called a friend to wish him a Merry Christmas and found out that he was spending Christmas in a hotel in Edmonton. He and his mate had gotten stuck in Edmonton and couldn’t get home to their families either. They were alone and trying to find a restaurant that was open so they could have a meal at least. They were broke and worried and depressed.

My aunt and her sisters packed my trunk with a turkey dinner, gifts, wine and a small decorated Christmas tree and off I went to Edmonton.

That Christmas dinner was had in a hotel in Edmonton. Heating up turkey with an iron. Eating on the bed watching Christmas movies with my friends.

Life is sometimes tough and sometimes you would rather just pull the covers over your head but don’t. Fight back. Find happiness. Find someone to share what you have no matter how little.

Take a look outside and see if someone is watching your Christmas through your windows and invite them in where it is warm.